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About Us

Trust Merchant Services was founded on the ideals of trust and honesty. Many business owners worry about high fees and poor customer service, well at Trust Merchant Services we eliminate those concerns. We have had customers stay with us for 10+ years simply because they know that their rate is low and they can call us anytime they want. In short, our customers trust us. 


It all started 16 years ago, when Jessica Davis left her job as a pilot to find a new career. A friend recommended she work with him at the nation's largest credit card processor. This large company was infamous for rates that would go up and hidden fees, and after 5 years Jessica decided that she was done selling such a low-quality product. So, in 2010 she founded Trust Merchant Services. Jessica took all of her industry knowledge and focused it on treating her customers right. She formed a company that people could trust. 

Today, Jessica and her team work with 200+ businesses in the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area, all of whom are getting great rates and the best customer service. 

The Cornerstones of Trust Merchant Services
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