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Liquid Payments

A Patient Payment System that is both Smart and Simple

More Than Just Payment Processing

Generate more revenue, lower costs and enhance patient care with the payment processing platform trusted by healthcare providers.
Automate your manual billing processes

Post-insurance collections – LQ retrieves patient balance owed, then sends patient actionable mobile statement via SMS/email for mobile card entry. With Robotics Process Automation (RPA), the system facilitates the automatic posting of payments into patient’s account.

Simplify the payments process for your patients

Patient pays smartly – Using a remote smartphone or in-office, wi-fi based, smart payment device, patient pays with electronic speed and convenience. 

Easily Integrate your system with the Liquid Platform

Seamless and accurate integration – RPA enables seamless and accurate integration of financial data to any EMR/EHR or physician practice management system, thus streamlining operations and reducing costs.

About Liquid Payments

Process Payments Faster Liquid Payments brings the speed, convenience, and accuracy of online patient payment processing to healthcare providers struggling with compliancy paperwork, slow payments, or disparate payment management systems. It’s a liquid-fast solution that gets cash flowing again. With modern mobile technology, easy setup, and full integration with today’s EMR/EHR or practice management systems.

The Liquid Payments solution
  • Delivers immediate improvement to A/R collections

  • Improves speed of cash flow

  • Reduces costs

  • Eliminates errors

  • Creates operational efficiencies

  • Supports patient mobile phone convenience

Doctor's Visit

Patients Like It

Man Trying App

The patient population continues to evolve with mobile literacy. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and love the speed and convenience it provides them — to text friends, to learn or “google” something, to make purchases, and to manage their finances.

Our mobile patient payments solutions are a child of the mobile generation and support dialog between patient and provider. This includes a TeleCharge function to notify patients of medical charges and enable patients to make payments via their phones or smart devices. The system provides patients with the same speed and convenience they are very familiar and comfortable with.

Patients can instantly
  • Get SMS/text messages on account status

  • Check on balances

  • Pay medical bills

  • Get reports


Contactless, Web-based System

In this age of coronavirus and telehealth, there is no better way to process medical payments.


Provider Initiates Text To Pay to Patient


Patient Receives Text With Link to Pay


Provider Receives Payment. It's That Easy!

Your Staff Will Love It

Your staff may be struggling with the red tape that comes with ever-changing guidelines in today’s fluid healthcare world. Insurance and third-party coverages can be difficult to determine. Compliance rules can change. The red tape can get longer and the paperwork can get higher. Add to that the pressure to get the patient bills out as fast as possible. Now there are web-based patient payments solutions that make it a little easier to deal with it all.

Using a convenient, wireless hand-held payment device, your staff can enter the patient’s account information along with the patient’s mobile number and payment amount for simplified processing. Transactions are posted in seconds. It’s a system that does a lot, is easy to learn and use, and your staff will love it.

The system delivers added value through
  • Payment card-capture and tokenization

  • Auto-charging

  • Recurring payment plans

  • Issuing of refunds

Your Bottom Line Will Be Well Again


You want to improve your financial health, but you have other practice management systems (PMS) you are already dealing with. How easily can this new system be integrated? The answer is “very easily.” It’s an all-in-one patient payments solution. It enables all players to get along nicely.

Leveraging AI-based technology, RPA (Robotics Processing Automation), enables integration with any EMR/EHR or practice management system.

Current implementations include
  • eCW

  • Eaglesoft

  • Ortho Trac / Carestream

  • Dentrix

  • Denticon

  • Rapid PM

The Liquid Payments solution is also HIPAA and PCI compliant. The system is web-based. There is no software to purchase or license to maintain. There are no charges for merchant underwriting or extra fees. It’s a system that can be implemented in 24-48 hours without disruption to operations or patient care. Your bottom line will immediately show signs of improvement.

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